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Welcome to Chitwan Riverside Resort. We hope you will fell like being at home and have a fantastic time here. This is our list of various culture and nature excursions. Take your time to select the excursions of your choice and we are here to make your schedule according to your wish.

You are in the Chitwan National park area. It is the first National park of Nepal and was established in 1973. It is situated in the south-central part of Nepal and it covers an area of 932 sq.km. In the tropical and subtropical low lands of inner Terai regions UNESCO declared it a world heritage site in 1984. The park has three types of vegetations, Oxbow lakes, Swamps and Watering Holes. The park has many flora and fauna including 57 different mammals such as wild elephant, one horned rhino, gaur, sloth bear, leopard, Bengal tiger and many more. There are about 80 different reptiles such as python, golden monitar lizard, Garial crocodile, marsh mugger crocodile and pangolin etc. The park is also considered as a paradise for bird watchers and researchers, where over 529 species of birds are recorded. The park also has abundant species of butterflies and moths.

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